Hypothyroidism Symptoms

There are several reasons that you might expect that you have a thyroid problem and many of them include trouble with that particular area while other signs and symptoms have what most people would agree nothing to do with the thyroid. The thing is that the thyroid is a part of the body that is affected by other parts of the body and therefore in return affects other parts of the body when you have thyroid problems.

There are a large number of people who suffer from thyroid problems at one stage of their life and this is not uncommon in many of the developed countries around the world. This gland which is located on the neck is vulnerable to infection, disease and cancers as well as hyper activity and under activity. Having an underactive thyroid is a problem that more than 50 million people in America go through each year either from hereditary traits or for reasons that can completely elude doctors.

Most of the literature you read about the thyroid will have a picture of a butterfly on them because the thyroid gland resembles a butterfly which is firmly fastened to the neck. Some of the symptoms of having a thyroid problem include things that are completely irregular like hair lose, fatigue and a slow heart rate.

These descriptions would not give the average person any indication that they had a thyroid problem which can be a problem for late detection. Yellow or very dry skin are also symptoms of a thyroid problem which again give no indication unless you where a very competent doctor.

By avoiding certain foods and de-toxing your body every now you can help to prevent this sort of problem happening however for some people it does not matter how clean your living is there will always be people that end un with an underactive thyroid.


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