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Nutri-Meds is a company that offers different products to help people regain their energy in a natural, homeopathic way. The products are targeted towards people with thyroid problems, as one of the side effects of hypothyroidism is weakness and tiredness.

There are two different formulas offered by Nutri-Meds to help control thyroid problems: Bovine Thyroid and Porcine Thyroid glandulars. The Porcine products tend to be the more popular choice among users as it is closer to human chemistry. However, if you are an individual who does not eat pork for health or religious reasons, you can choose the bovine products as an alternatives. If you have any allergies or food sensitivities, this may also affect your decision. Each of the products contain other, inactive ingredients such as rice powder and gelatin from free range sources. They do not contain any sugar, starch, salt, wheat, corn, yeast, dairy or soy derivatives.

Nutri-Meds does not offer any guarantees on their products.

One of the drawbacks of using the Nutri-Meds products is that they contain ingredients from meat sources, which causes a problem for vegetarians. Another negative is that you have to diagnose and self-administer the amount of supplement that you think is right for you. This is done by taking your basal temperature and determining your overall sense of well being in order to know how much you need to take.

A positive to the Nutri-Meds supplements is that they do not contain any harsh chemicals or unnatural ingredients. They also promise that the source for the ingredients does not contain any harmful antibiotics. The price is also fairly affordable compared to other thyroid medications and supplements.

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