Alternative treatments of under active thyroid

Under active thyroid disease is a very common illness and affects about 2% of men and 10% of women every year; that means that every 10 women out of a hundred suffer from thyroid disorders. It’s a disease that is stealing your life energy out of your body and causes depressions, appetite loss, weight gain, dry skin and somnolence. There are various medicines and medical treatments to cure under active thyroid but side effects can be very irritating sometimes. You mustn’t forget about natural cures and alternative ways of regaining your health. Here is some useful advice to endure with thyroid disorders:

Supplements: you’d be suprised what a good thyroid supplement can do for a lagging thyroid gland. See our reviews of the best hypothyroidism supplements.

Diet: Vitamin B is the key to success, you must consume more food that is rich in this mineral. (nuts, fish, vegetables, sea-weed etc.)

Body Fitness: do not let your guard down, exercise daily for 40-60 minutes, you will observe an amazing energy gain.

Sunbathing: adequate sunbathing for 20 minutes in the morning and evenings will maintain your D vitamin at the required level.

Emotions: try to avoid stresses, this cause serious impact on woman’s thyroid. Do things you like best and try to get as many positive feelings.

Other techniques: world medicine has a vast history and different nations discovered unique ways of alternative treatments. Pay attention to such ways of cure like acupuncture, homeopathic medicine or biofeedback.